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Achieve Data Sovereignty through Omnisphere

Web 3.0 is one of the biggest buzzwords flying around the world of social media this year. And for good reasons, Web 3.0 innovations are on the verge of disrupting the digital world. In a world where centralized systems are making billions of dollars selling our personal information, it is no wonder decentralized systems are gaining steam. But there is one big problem. Despite hundreds of decentralized applications and thousands of developers studying Web 3.0, to date these applications have not guaranteed users data sovereignty. What is that and why is it important? Before we answer that, we need to clear up what Web 3.0 is and why it is important. Breaking down the phases of web growth: First there was Web 1.0 – broadly used first in the 1990s, the worldwide web was composed mainly of static web pages uploaded by web developers. Then there was Web 2.0, which launched in the early 2000s. This refers to the change from mainly static web pages to interactive, user-generated content. For example, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Twitch, as well as apps like Uber and Airbnb. Web 2.0 has created massive social media networks and massive volumes of data built on centralized networks on the Internet. Web 3.0 refers to the next generation of the web – with decentralized data networks that are open, trustless and permissionless. Made possible by the invention of the blockchain, Web 3.0 enables a fut...

2021-10-19 07:36:25

Altcoins|News|News 1|Special|Trading View|UNI|uniswap|Uniswap price rally
How is Uniswap coping with the crypto-market’s consolidation

The market today has been bearish, but it’s part of the macro consolidation witnessed by everyone. However, Uniswap has been on a different path, one which was hindered today. The DeFi protocol, after days, had a good thing going for it before the market halted its hike on the charts. As a result, many investors […]

2021-10-19 07:30:09

Regulation|Bitcoin Fraud|Bitcoin Scam|Bitcoin Trader|financial services provider|Global Forex Institute|HSBC|Sandile Shezi|Technical Analysis
Fraud-Accused South African Bitcoin Trader to Turn Himself Over to Police: Report

Sandile Shezi, the young South African bitcoin trader who is facing fraud charges, has denied allegations he scammed shareholders in his Global Forex Institute. Shezi: Shareholders Signed Up for Education, Not Investments Despite his rejection of the allegations, a spokesperson for the country’s police told the Sunday Times newspaper that Shezi has agreed to turn […]

2021-10-19 07:30:02

Interview|Latest Post|News|People|blockchain summit|iNTER|World Blockchain Summit
Exclusive Interview With Mohammed Saleem, WBS Founder

In the recent World Blockchain Summit, we’ve met with Mohammed Saleem, the Founder of the event. He shared his thoughts ...Read More...

2021-10-19 07:30:00

Bitcoin|El Salvador|BTC|IMF|loan
Bitcoin adoption won't affect IMF talks, says El Salvador's top central banker

The country’s central bank chief does not see the recent Bitcoin adoption move hampering plans to secure an IMF loan.

2021-10-19 07:17:11

HideCryptopanic|Press Release|Social|SPN News|featured
SOLDEX signs long-term partnership with Speqto technologies

Soldex is thrilled to announce that it has officially partnered with Speqto Technologies to accelerate the development of its decentralized exchange (DEX) solution and to build and program the A.I.-powered bots, that form part of the services offered by Soldex to the public. Speqto Technologies was selected as the vendor due to their extensive expertise […]

2021-10-19 07:15:15

Interview|Latest Post|News|People|blockchain summit|CoinQuora|Event
Exclusive Interview With Cyrus Taghehchian, CEO of Splyt Core Foundation

In the recent World Blockchain Summit, we met with Cyrus Taghehchian, the Founder of the event. He shared his thoughts ...Read More...

2021-10-19 07:10:00

AA News|BTCEUR|BTCGBP|BTCUSD|BTCUSDT|Crypto News|social|Bitcoin|Coronavirus (COVID-19)|Regulations
Andrew Yang Reveals His Political Party Will be Pro Crypto

The leader of The Forward Party - Andrew Yang - said his political organization will have a pro-cryptocurrency approach.

2021-10-19 07:07:19

POCOLAND and Chainlink Enter Into a Partnership

POCOLAND, the NFT-based play-to-earn game, has collaborated with Chainlink VRF and Chainlink Price Feeds on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) mainnet. POCOLAND can access tamper-proof, high-quality market data by integrating with Chainlink, the leading oracle network which is decentralized in nature. This retrieved market data can be used to obtain the real-time prices of BNB …

2021-10-19 07:03:21

Cryptocurrency|News|Bitcoin News|BTCUSD|BTCUSDC|BTCUSDT|Cryptocurrency News|Dogecoin|DOGEUSD|Mark Cuban|XBTUSD
Mark Cuban Deems Bitcoin A Superior Store Of Value But Maintains Dogecoin Will Dominate Payments – Here’s Why

Key takeaways Billionaire Mark Cuban opens up about his favourite cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. For Cuban, Bitcoin is the best store of value. Dogecoin remains the best for payments, while Ethereum needs to “figure out” proof-of-stake. Among the favorite cryptocurrencies of Mark Cuban including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum, the billionaire owner of NBA team […]

2021-10-19 06:56:01

Crypto News|XRP Analysis|XRPBTC|XRPUSD|Ripple (XRP) Price
Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Bulls Shaky in Defense of Critical $1 Support

XRP bulls appear to be undecisive in their recovery as the overall volume wanes. It's essential to keep an eye on the $1 support in the near future.

2021-10-19 06:50:51

Cryptocurrencies|Digital Asset|Dollar|Russia|Fiat Money|Sanctions
Russia aims to replace US dollar reserves with digital assets in long term

Last week, the Russian president said it was “a bit early” to use cryptocurrencies to settle oil trades.

2021-10-19 06:45:40

Blockchain|Blockchain News
Dutch Crypto Investors Enters Into a Collaboration with TryHards

TryHards finally announced entering into a metaverse association with Dutch Crypto Investors. The collaboration will accelerate the growth and development of Try Hards, whose core mission is to promote the creation of blockchain and cryptocurrency projects for educating the community and spreading awareness about cryptocurrency. TryHards is now looking forward to collaborative work with Dutch …

2021-10-19 06:45:17

Interview|Latest Post|News|People|blockchain summit|CoinQuora|DeFi
Exclusive Interview With Robin Sundström, Akt Head of Communications

In the recent World Blockchain Summit in Dubai, many blockchain industry leaders visited the CoinQuora media lounge. Robin Sundström, Akt ...Read More...

2021-10-19 06:45:00

ProShares to Ring the Opening Bell at NYSE

NYSE is bringing out all the pomp and circumstances to welcome the first bitcoin exchange traded product (ETF). “The New York Stock Exchange welcomes executives and guests of ProShares in...

2021-10-19 06:35:05

Altcoins|Analysis|HideCryptopanic|News|News 1|Social|Trading View|polkadot price prediction
Polkadot could ease at these price levels before a new ATH

It’s natural to be hunting for attractive investments in the altcoin market right now. Once market leader Bitcoin scales to a new ATH, alts would be waiting in the wings for a rally of their own. Now Polkadot makes a strong argument that its anticipated jump would come sooner than most of its peers, owing […]

2021-10-19 06:30:59

DeFi|DeFi News
YouHodler Strengthens Its Cedefi Ecosystem with Chainlink

Even though centralized finance is still a significant part of the economy, decentralized finance is now slowly making its way into the economies of several countries across the world. The advanced blockchain technology drives the ecosystem of decentralized finance by replacing intermediary authorities with smart contracts for the execution of transactions. It may seem that …

2021-10-19 06:30:59

Bitcoin Mining|Crypto News|Crypto Regulation|Cryptocurrency|Technology|Trending|Cryptocurrency News
The energy minister of Russia has proposed imposing higher fees for crypto miners.

Russia has become an important player in the global cryptocurrency mining game, ranking among the big players in the industry. As Chinese miners flee the country and reportedly flock to Russia, the country’s Energy Ministry is seeking to charge them more for electricity. The energy minister has proposed imposing higher fees for the block reward […]

2021-10-19 06:15:59

Bitcoin News|Latest Post|News|Bitcoin|Bitcoin Price|Crypto Market|ETF|SEC
ProShares To Begin Trading, More BTC Futures Will Soon Launch

SEC Chair commented on the current state of BTC futures ETFs. Due to this, five more BTC futures ETFs might ...Read More...

2021-10-19 06:12:00


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