Frequently Asked Questions

What is an XRP Address?
Each wallet has its own unique receiving address. This is a sequence of numbers and letters, and a ripple address always begins with an 'r'. A receiving address is similar to a bank account number.

What is a Ripple (XRP) destination tag?
A destination tag is a unique 9-digit figure assigned to each Ripple (XRP) account. It is used to identify the receiver in a Ripple transaction. When sending XRP, you need to provide the following information:

  • The target wallet's address
  • Its destination tag

  • The destination may or may not be required when sending XRP to external wallets depending on the policies of the exchange. However, you should be aware that most exchanges do require it.

    Note: To ensure smooth and efficient transactions, you should provide your destination tag when receiving XRP.

    Note for desktop users: when you are copying the address of your XRP wallet, it is copied together with the destination tag. Please keep it mind that you may need to remove the tag after pasting the address.

    What is XRP City?
    XRP City provides free XRP to its users. By viewing our sponsor's ad, we are able to operate and share our profit with you.

    Can I create an account without a XRP Address?
    No. XRP address is required to register and receive your earning. You can create a Binance or Bitrue account to get a free and active XRP address.

    Can I create multiple XRP City accounts?
    No. Only 1 account per person is allowed. If you are caught creating more than 1 account, you will be banned from this site and your earnings will be forfeited.

    When will I be paid?
    The minimum withdrawal amount is 500 DROPS. Earnings are paid instantly.


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