Economics|Barbara Corcoran commercial real estate|Barbara Corcoran real estate|Barbara Corcoran residential real estate|Elon Musk|Elon Musk Barbara Corcoran|Elon Musk commercial real estate|Elon Musk home values|Elon Musk real estate|Elon Musk residential
Elon Musk Warns Commercial Real Estate ‘Melting Down Fast’ — Predicts ‘Home Values Next’

Tesla and Spacex CEO Elon Musk says commercial real estate is “melting down fast,” warning that home values will be next. Some experts disagree with Musk regarding the residential real estate market, including Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran. However, she agrees that the commercial real estate market is “going to be a bit of a

2023-06-01 21:30:18

Altcoin|Analysis|HideCryptopanic|News|News 1|No Homepage|Social|Trading View|Tron|Tron Price Prediction|TRX|TRX price prediction
Retracement or reversal: Where does Tron [TRX] head next

Can a 3.9% price drop over the past seven days hamper Tron's bullish momentum?

2023-06-01 21:30:13

Altcoin News|bullish|Litecoin|LTC
Litecoin (LTC) Soars to New 30-Day High; Eyeing $100 Resistance

Recently, the Litecoin (LTC) market witnessed a substantial surge in value, thanks to a wave of optimistic trading activity. Starting

2023-06-01 21:30:00

Altcoins|Price Analysis|Ripple (XRP)
XRP Price Journey to $1: Analyst Assesses Possibilities Amidst Recent Momentum

The post XRP Price Journey to $1: Analyst Assesses Possibilities Amidst Recent Momentum appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News XRP, the cryptocurrency associated with Ripple, has sparked renewed interest among investors as it aims to conquer the elusive $1 price milestone. Analyst DonAlt, known for his insightful perspectives, has entered the conversation, offering valuable insights on XRP’s recent rally. With resistance and anticipation in the air, let’s delve into the latest news surrounding XRP’s …

2023-06-01 21:29:44

News|Ripple Vs SEC
3 Factors Pointing Towards Ripple’s Potential Triumph in the SEC Lawsuit

The post 3 Factors Pointing Towards Ripple’s Potential Triumph in the SEC Lawsuit appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News For the past two and a half years, the crypto community has closely followed the ongoing legal battle between Ripple and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Speculation and rumors have swirled, but the month of June 2023 appears to be a turning point in this prolonged case. A positive outcome for XRP could …

2023-06-01 21:27:19

usaf|ai|drone|lethal weapons systems|air force|artificial intelligence|united states|test
AI military drone kept murdering its human operator in simulated tests

A United States Air Force colonel said the results of the simulation highlight why a conversation around ethics and artificial intelligence is needed.

2023-06-01 21:16:25

Voltage Partners With Google Cloud To Expand Lightning Network Solutions Globally

Voltage and Google Cloud are collaborating to offer global Lightning Network solutions, enabling real-time payments with near-zero fees for enterprises.

2023-06-01 21:11:13

Blockchain News|Colombia|Adoption
More Colombians Taking to Crypto, Claims Exchange – Next LATAM Nation to Adopt?

Colombians are increasingly taking crypto, one of Latin America’s biggest crypto exchanges has claimed. Per Criptonoticias, the Bitso trading platform says it has increased the number of its individual retail clients “by 10 times” since this time last year. Bitso opened its offices in Colombia in the first half of 2022. The firm was founded in Mexico in 2014, but has since expanded to a number of Latin American states.... Read More: More Colombians Taking to Crypto, Claims Exchange – Next LATAM Nation to Adopt?

2023-06-01 21:00:00

Exchange News|Binance|LUNC
Binance Delists LUNC Futures after Automatic Settlement

Binance Futures, one of the leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges, has announced the closure and delisting of the LUNC Perpetual Contract.

2023-06-01 20:32:36

Altcoin|News|News 1|Social|Trading View|Chiliz|CHZ|CHZ active addresses
Chiliz collaborates with Ankr but does that mean good news for CHZ?

Chiliz announced its collaboration with Ankr as its main RPC provider. However, the development didn't have the best reaction from CHZ as the token seemed to continue on its bearish trajectory.

2023-06-01 20:30:40

Policy|news|Regulations|CFTC|Rulemaking|Commodity Futures Trading Commission
U.S. Commodities Agency May Change Risk Rules to Consider Crypto

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has proposed an overhaul of its rules for risk management, and Commission Christy Goldsmith Romero said the changes should insist firms prepare themselves for crypto volatility and the risks from holding customers’ digital assets.

2023-06-01 20:28:57

Ethereum ($ETH) Supply on Exchanges Drops to Record Low

Ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has seen a significant shift in its dynamics. Ethereum’s supply on exchanges is at an all-time low of 9.9%, a trend indicative of the increasing interest and trust in self-custody within the crypto community. That’s according to data from popular cryptocurrency analytics firm Santiment. The shift away

2023-06-01 20:19:00

Regulators|Scams, Schemes and Hacks|coinbase|insider trading|ishan wahi|News|Nikhil Wahi|SEC|U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Ex-Coinbase Executive and His Brother Reach Settlement With SEC on Crypto Insider-Trading Charges

Former Coinbase product manager Ishan Wahi and his brother, Nikhil Wahi, just reached an agreement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to settle charges arising from an insider trading scheme involving crypto assets. In July of 2022, the SEC filed a complaint accusing Ishan Wahi of giving his brother and a friend, Sameer The post Ex-Coinbase Executive and His Brother Reach Settlement With SEC on Crypto Insider-Trading Charges appeared first on The Daily Hodl .

2023-06-01 20:00:34

Business and Finance|Cryptocurrency|News|Wallets and Exchanges|Bitcoin Futures|Coinbase (COIN)|Cryptocurrency Derivatives|Ethereum Futures|Institutional Investors
Coinbase Derivatives Exchange To Offer BTC & ETH Futures To Institutional Clients

CFTC-regulated Coinbase Derivatives Exchange will begin offering Bitcoin and Ether futures contracts to its institutional clients starting June 5, 2023.

2023-06-01 19:44:04

AA News|Crypto News||Gemini|Winklevoss Twins
Gemini Eyes UAE Expansion Amid US Uncertainty, Gets MPI License in Singapore

Gemini is seeking a UAE licence to serve customers based in the Emirates.

2023-06-01 19:43:08

Economics|debt ceiling deal|debt crisis|dollar crisis|fake debt crisis|National Debt|Peter Schiff|Peter Schiff dollar crisis|US default|US dollar crisis
Economist Peter Schiff Warns of US Dollar Crisis and ‘Catastrophic End’ — National Debt Will ‘Spiral out of Control’

Economist Peter Schiff has warned of an impending U.S. dollar crisis. He predicted that with the new debt ceiling deal, “reckless government spending and borrowing will continue until a sovereign debt and U.S. dollar crisis bring it to a catastrophic end.” Peter Schiff’s Latest Economic, Dollar Crisis Warnings Economist and gold bug Peter Schiff has

2023-06-01 19:30:15

Altcoin|Analysis|Bitcoin|BTC Trading View|HideCryptopanic|News|News 1|No Homepage|Trading View|Bitcoin [BTC] price analysis|Bitcoin [BTC] Price Prediction|BTC
Bitcoin traders can expect this as BTC ends May in red

Bitcoin retraces to a key dynamic support level as a trendline resistance and $28k becomes a double obstacle for bulls.

2023-06-01 19:30:10

Altcoin News|DeFi|Injective|Mainnet
Injective Protocol’s Avalon Mainnet Upgrade Boosts DeFi Standards

In a notable breakthrough, Injective Protocol has completed the Avalon Mainnet Upgrade, marking a substantial milestone in its ongoing evolution.

2023-06-01 19:30:00

Tether Market Cap Climbs to All-Time High of $83.2B, Even as Stablecoin Market Sinks

USDT has reached a $83.2 billion market capitalization, recovering all its losses since the implosion of blockchain project Terra more than a year ago.

2023-06-01 19:24:45

Cryptocurrency|News|SHIB|Shiba Inu|Shiba Inu (SHIB)
Shiba Inu (SHIB) Trader Turns $30k into $450K. Here’s how

According to a recent report, an expert cryptocurrency trader took advantage of the price volatility of some popular crypto assets including Shiba Inu (SHIB), PepeCoin (PEPE) and other memecoins to amass breathtaking profits. The update shared by OnchainDataNerd revealed that the Meme Lord turned an initial capital of $30,000 into a whopping $450,000 with early The post Shiba Inu (SHIB) Trader Turns $30k into $450K. Here’s how appeared first on Times Tabloid .

2023-06-01 19:17:42


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